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How to survive a riptide

Staying true to the commitment to travel more to see this beautiful world we share together is daunting when I think about death.

Fun things to do while waiting in the airport

Have you ever been bored at the airport while waiting for a flight?
Here are 5 fun things to do while waiting at an airport.

My bucketlist Paris roadtrip

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Virtual Travel: VR Solo Art Adventures

Assertively engage B2B expertise whereas interdependent resources. Dynamically expedite market-driven total linkage whereas customer directed experiences. Efficiently generate 24/365 strategic theme areas...

Joy In The Age Of Aquarius

Crossover Book A simple black woman who fosters three little girls sees their lives unfold and this is the basis for her story. The story opens with the tragic death of one of them, a famous black singer, Joy...

How to take better travel photos

Is it safe to say that when you are arranging a vacation getaway that you consider what camera to take? In case you’re considering packing a cumbersome camera with lens and lighting hardware like flashes and batteries...

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