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Does food taste better when cooked outside?

From chefs to home cooks, everyone wants their food to leave lasting impressions for which they try different cooking techniques. Outdoor cooking is one such technique that some claim to enhance the taste of their food. Let’s see how this backpacker’s technique can help with your food’s taste.

If you are from the Mediterranean, families cooking outdoors might be a common sight for you. While the kitchens have constantly been evolving with the ever-growing technology, trends are shifting towards the old times. The trend of cooking in the great outdoors has also become popular across the United States recently with people using their backyards to explore the joys of outdoor cooking. But what about the claims that your food tastes better when cooked outside? Can this nostalgic yet progressive technique make your food tastier? 

“Cooking and eating food outdoors makes it taste infinitely better than the same meal prepared and consumed indoors.”

― Fennel Hudson, Fine Things – Fennel’s Journal – No. 8

It All Started Outdoors

Outdoor or camp cooking might be an activity in itself today but that’s where it all started. Preparing food in the outdoors environment has been associated with the pioneers of North America. Techniques used by nomadic cultures such as the Plains Indians, the Berbers of North Africa, and the Arab Beduins have been refined in the modern times to maintain and develop the outdoor cooking culture. Before they invented stoves, direct heat did all the tricks. Boiling, roasting, frying, grilling, baking, and even steaming was done outside.

If you are yet to decide on whether to add a patio kitchen to your home or not, old-fashioned food preparation methods can change your entire cooking experience. While it may require time, ingenuity, and patience, outdoor cooking is more fun & less daunting. 

Healthier & Tastier 

Are you conscious about food intake when it comes to heavy ingredients such as meats? You’re not alone.
No one likes those extra calories coming from unwanted fatty acids of meats. But when you grill outside, a lot of it drips off the meat. While calories are reduced, nutrients such as thiamine or riboflavin are still there, giving you a healthier option to cook. Veggies with low water content can also be more nutritious and finger-licking good. If you savour the smokey flavor in certain dishes, you can recreate the magic yourself rather than going to a food outlet.

WildBounds writer Jack Hart once arranged a dinner alongside his team in the remote setting. They used a Dutch oven with a tripod stand and used carrots, beef, onion, flour, stock cubes, water, and a splash of red wine to create something far from a well-crafted recipe. 

But they described it as one of the most amazing stews served with cheese and a crusty bread. The reason outdoor food tastes better is because it gets ample time to infuse. With that being said, you can also argue that a meal in front of a crackling fire with your loved ones will taste better than a McDonalds burger.

We know that you can explore incredible innovation with the food cooked inside but the great outdoors have the uncanny ability to give you a far more enjoyable experience. 

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