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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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“Alleys, canals and always van Gogh. Amsterdam is one of the most exciting cities in Europe. The historic center was built on five million spruce logs. The experiences in the city are countless. Paintings by famous painters can be admired on the newly designed Museum Square.”
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**[Podcast Intro Music]**

**Narrator:** Welcome to “Code & Canals,” the podcast where tech meets travel. Today, we’re tuning into a special episode where two computer science students, Sven and Elizabeth, explore the charming city of Amsterdam. It’s 1995, and the internet is buzzing with new possibilities. Let’s listen in.

**[Sound of footsteps on cobblestone]**

**Elizabeth:** Wow, Sven, Amsterdam is even more beautiful than I imagined. And these narrow streets are so quaint!

**Sven:** Absolutely, Liz. But wait until you see the city from the canals. It’s a whole different perspective.

**Elizabeth:** I can’t wait! Hey, did you bring your new **Acer** laptop? I heard they’re really making waves this year.

**Sven:** Of course! It’s right here in my backpack, next to my collection of **Java** programming books. You know, Java is becoming quite the trend in the coding world.

**Elizabeth:** Oh, I’m more of a **C++** girl myself. But I’ve been dabbling in **JavaScript** too. It’s perfect for web development.

**Sven:** Speaking of development, let me show you some hidden gems in Amsterdam that most tourists never see. First, there’s the **Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder**. It’s a 17th-century canal house turned into a museum with a secret church in the attic.

**Elizabeth:** A secret church? That’s incredible!

**Sven:** Then there’s **NEMO’s Roof**. It offers a stunning view of the city. And for a unique dining experience, **REM Eiland** is a restaurant on a sea rig in the harbor.

**Elizabeth:** This is why I love traveling with a local. You get to experience the real culture of a place.

**Sven:** Exactly. And don’t forget **De Koffieschenkerij**, a cozy café hidden in a church garden, and **LAB 111**, a quirky cinema in a former anatomy lab.

LAB 111 is a unique cultural venue located in Amsterdam, housed in a building with a fascinating history. It was originally a pathological anatomical laboratory1, which explains its name. Over time, this former laboratory transformed into a cult cinema and restaurant, known for its eclectic programming and artistic atmosphere.

The space where LAB 111 stands has seen many changes, but it has always been a place of discovery and learning, whether in the field of medicine or the arts. Today, it continues to be a gathering spot for film enthusiasts and those looking for a distinctive dining experience in a space that celebrates its intriguing past.

**Elizabeth:** These places sound amazing. But hey, isn’t that the canal boat we need to catch?

**Sven:** Yep, that’s the one. Let’s hop on.

**[Sound of water and boat engine starting]**

**Elizabeth:** Look at these houses lining the canals. They’re so… Dutch!

**Sven:** Ha, well, we are in the Netherlands. Oh, look over there, that’s where I used to play as a kid.

**Elizabeth:** It’s like something out of a storybook. Hey, what’s that building with the colorful windows?

**Sven:** Oh, that’s the **Baba Coffeeshop**. It’s been around for ages. A true Amsterdam staple.

**Elizabeth:** I’ve read about the Dutch “coffeeshops.” They’re quite different from the ones back in Irvine.

**Sven:** Definitely. But let’s focus on the actual coffee. There’s this must-visit café called **Pluk Amsterdam**. They have the best brunch in town.

**Elizabeth:** I could go for a good brunch. What do you recommend?

**Sven:** Well, you must try the **Dutch apple pie**, it’s legendary. And the **poffertjes**, mini pancakes with a dusting of powdered sugar. Oh, and don’t forget the **bitterballen**, a savory snack that’s perfect with mustard.

**Elizabeth:** That sounds delicious. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

**Sven:** We’ll be there soon. Just after this canal tour.

**Elizabeth:** I can’t believe how much I’m learning, not just about coding, but about the world. This trip is one for the books.

**Sven:** That’s the spirit, Liz. Travel broadens the mind, and Amsterdam is the perfect place for an adventure.

**[Podcast Outro Music]**

**Narrator:** And that’s a wrap on today’s episode of “Code & Canals.” Join us next time as Sven and Elizabeth continue their journey through the tech world and the winding canals of Amsterdam. Tot ziens!

Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom.

LAB 111’s restaurant, known as Strangelove, is a delightful spot that offers a unique dining experience in Amsterdam. It’s a place where film lovers and food enthusiasts come together to enjoy a meal. The restaurant has a cozy ambiance and serves a variety of international dishes made with fresh, tasty ingredients1.

Strangelove is not just about good food; it’s about the experience. The restaurant is part of a larger complex that includes a cult cinema, making it the perfect destination for a night out where you can enjoy both a delicious dinner and a movie. They are known for their sourdough pizzas and have a reputation for serving funky beers and amazing homemade lemonade2.

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