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Female eye behind big green leaves

Did you know that plants actually have a secret life?

The miracle of photosynthesis engages millions of leaves daily to produce oxygen & food for all lives on earth. Now there’s evidence that poets were not wrong about plants having attributes of the soul. They are endowed with personalities who live, breathe, and even communicate with each other.

All these years, we have learned that there’s nothing more beautiful than a flower and essential than a plant. We consume more than 375 billion tons of food, and a large share comes from plants that synthesize our food out of the soil and air using sunlight.

A gifted biologist Raoul Heinrich France from Vienne, Austria, gave an idea of plants having a secret life at the beginning of the twentieth century. France claimed that plants could move their bodies as easily, freely, and gracefully as any skilled human or animal, and we don’t appreciate this fact because they do it at a much slower pace.

Thousands of polyp-like arms reaching from a peaceful arbour, trembling, quivering in their eagerness for new support for the heavy stalk that grows behind them.”

Raoul Heinrich France

While the roots burrow curiously into the earth, the blossoms and leaves bend and shiver as they age, the twigs and bugs swing in definite circles, the tendrils reach out with ghostly arms requesting to feel the surroundings.

Poets and philosophers such as Rudolf Steiner and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe also tried to glimpse the secret life of plants. They discovered how plants grow in the opposite direction, partly burrowing into the soil and partly reaching up for the sky.

Plants With Reflexes

It’s not a coincidence that a plant such as Trichoceros parvifloru imitates a female fly species so accurately that the male fly attempts to mate with it and ends up pollinating the orchid. Plants have a sense of protecting themselves. They sometimes develop a bitter taste, gummy secretions, or thorns to keep unfriendly insects away. With more than 500 species of carnivorous plants, they can react promptly and variously to the outer world, proving that these natural life sources communicate with their surroundings.

Be a Part of The Secret Life of Plants

We have been living around them for so long, yet we never noticed how plant tendrils can sweep a circle for well over an hour and curve around an object just in twenty seconds just to find a perch.

Plants have a slow pace of life, but we also play an integral part in their secret life that dates back thousands of years. Plants can sense things and even communicate in some unfathomed way. Plants are quite good at detecting specific sounds, and talking to a plant can soothe your mood too.

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