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Coffee and lemons don’t go well together

Inhaling the spray of freshly cut lemons feels like opening your heart to sunshine. Citrus zest fills our senses with clean, fresh, hopeful feelings. Likewise, people with zesty personalities feel invigorated, revved up, enthusiastic, and awake...

Did you know that plants actually have a secret life?

The miracle of photosynthesis engages millions of leaves daily to produce oxygen & food for all lives on earth. Now there's evidence that poets were not wrong about plants having attributes of the soul. They are endowed with personalities who live...

Everything you ever need to know about flowers

Flowers are amazing creatures that can grow, reproduce, and produce fruits using the sun, water, and air. They have different shapes, colors, and smells, and they attract different pollinators to help them spread their genes. They also provide us...

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