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How to choose your next vacation

If regimented days at sea filled with bingo competitions and poolside activities deter you from cruising, our advice would be to look for vacation cruise lines that have plenty of compelling itineraries to pique travelers of all interests and price points.

When we speak with our Travel More Vacation members about what type of cruise vacation would be best for their needs, we find that there is a theme. Many travelers feel like a tourist on a cruise boat, not a traveler via a cruise ship.

On a cruise you can be a traveler, not a tourist, if you pick the right kind of line,”

Carolyn Spencer Brown

Location, Location, Location

The primary question that is asked when we are customizing vacation packages for our Travel More Vacation member is: “Where would you like to go?” The most popular “bucket list” travel cruise vacation destinations we hear most often is the Caribbean, the Galapagos, Antarctica, North America’s Northwest Passage and the Arctic.  Knowing where you want to travel to aids in choosing a compatible cruise line.  Alaska and Australian cruises are on the rise as more and more people begin understanding the time and money savings offered by cruise travel.

Home port tour of Queen Elizabeth

Responsible Tourism

Cruise lines around the world have adopted destination stewardships with the increased demand and growth of the cruise industry.  Destination stewards cruise lines, such as Cunard and Princess Cruises responsibly foster respect and cooperation with the places they visit. By staggering arrivals and departures, excursion diversification, shoreside power, and partnerships with the local communities, cruise lines explore creative ways to manage the flow of visitors and implement the highest standards of responsible tourism.

Cruise and Stay

Lone cruisers and micro travel are still trending into 2020 as more than 66% of Generation X and 71% of Millennials are incorporating solo travel retreats and bite sized (2-3 days) cruise adventures into their busy lives.  Travel to exciting destinations in 2020 as diminishing budgets and shrinking employer paid time off caused longer cruise vacations to become unpopular, but innovative cruise lines like Viking River Cruise, utilizes their local to offer short cruise and stay vacations perfect for affordable local weekend getaways.

For a more immersive and authentic interactions with nature and local culture, a good choice is a small cruise ship with a reputation for elegance and luxury.  Small ship lines avoid the bustling ports that tend to attract large mega ship cruise lines and can offer a one of a kind travel experience.  Our creative Travel Consultants can even book with cruise line that will accommodate memorable on-shore excursions to nature-based national parks like Kangaroo Island in Australia.

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