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Why do most people love cats more than dogs?

Being a ‘dog person’ or a ‘cat person’ has always been a matter of animal preferences, but there is more to it. In fact, there are 94.2 million people who love stroking the velvety fur of cats more than dogs in the United States of America. So, why do some people love cats more than the ‘man’s best friend’? Let’s find out.

Cat vs. dogs is an old argument, and no one likes them both equally. We admit that we live in a dog-loving world where cat people are a minority. But if you ever meet a cat lover, they can almost convince you why cats are better than dogs. As per the 2017-2018 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics, 25.4% of the U.S. households own a cat, whereas 38.4% have dogs as their companions. Dogs are man’s best friend, but today we will roll through a few reasons why some people believe cats make far better friends.

A cat can teach your kids good social skills and help them cope with traumatic situations.”

More Meaningful Love

Cats are intelligent creatures with excellent hunting skills, but they are also super sweet all the time. The fact that these furry beauties are the master of lazy lounging while also being super attentive make many fall for them. A study in Behavioural Processes revealed that cats prefer human interaction over anything, including foods, catnip, and toys. We hardly think dog lovers can claim the same.

Smart, Sweet, and Soft

If you never had a cat, you may have the wrong perception that cats are cold and distant. There’s also a rumor that a cat would never even care if its owner dies. The reality is that dogs love everyone, but cats tend to share a more personal relationship with their owners. When your dog shows affection, it is special, but is it unique if everyone else is getting the same treatment? Cats tend to be more standoffish in front of a stranger. Amazing felines make their owners feel special every time while showering them in affection. And unlike dogs, it’s not because of food.

They Stay Clean

Rather than sloppily crashing tongue into the water like dogs and start firing a cannonball, cats have a splash-free way to drink water. Their tongue has an amazing ability to remove all the dirt and grime efficiently. Few practical reasons why some people consider cats more than dogs is because they stay clean, require no grooming sessions, and have good habits.

No Noise Complaints

Cat lovers also like the feline’s ability to creep around the house quietly. Barking and growling have been two primary reasons people leave their dogs in shelters in the United States. Cats prefer to stay calmer and watch from a distance when they have new people around, whereas dogs can be a nightmare for your neighbors.

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