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Top 5 places to travel to if you love rocks

Our beautiful planet has witnessed endless things as its atmosphere has altered over time. We are fortunate to be on the only planet where life happened. But do you know what existed before life? Or before Earth? Or even before our solar system was formed? Rocks. The entire solar system is full of rocky planets, and no wonder globetrotters like exploring places with strange and iconic rock formations.

Earth has an estimated age of 4.54 billion years, and rocks have been a significant help for scientists or geologists in understanding the evolution of the planet. Even a dull lump of rock can speak volumes if you can listen. They have been here long before the humans started roaming the Earth, and some of these weird peaks or formations are often admired by travel enthusiasts. Backpackers like exploring the rich history of planetary evolution through fantastic rock formations. So here we are with the top 5 places to travel if you love rocks.

Out there on the rocks, I feel exceedingly happy.”

Naomi Uemura, the greatest solo adventurer


Colorado is home to some of the oldest rocks in the world, with over a dozen unique and incredible formations. Unlike other destinations, there’s much more than a single rock formation in Colorado. Whether it’s the Nohku Crags formation that sits at an altitude of 12,490 feet or the Devil’s Causeway, aka “the Great Wall of Colorado,” a wall-like structure with huge drop-offs, this US state can be a backpackers paradise if you love rocks.


Apart from the Grand Canyon, Arizona also has some of the best rock formations in the world. Start exploring the desert area of the state, and you will come across a natural rock formation surrounded by the water from the Colorado river- Horseshoe Bend. If you think that was incredible, move ahead, and you will discover Wave Rock, where every step gives you a different view of the whole place.

Northern Ireland

Giant’s Causeway has been one of UNESCO’s heritage sites for several years due to nearly 40,000 columns being part of the amazing rock formation. While scientists believe that there was hot lava running due to volcanic eruptions in the past here, the cooling of that lava has given birth to all these inter-locked rocks.


Meet arguably the oldest rocks around the world. Standing there for nearly 60 million years, Old Harry Rocks have lost a significant part to erosion over the years. These rock formations have a chalk-like material, and they keep changing shapes every year. While the white rocks are included in UNESCO’s Heritage Sites, the constant waves still erode the formation.

North Mexico

Mexico attracts millions of tourists every year, and the dry, desert area of the country has a lot to offer these travel freaks. Some say Hoodoos is the best rock formation around the world since you can find as small as 5 feet formations to as big as 100 feet of sandstone rock formations. The area has also been protected now due to some amazing fossils found there.

Add all these destinations to your bucket list and experience all these awe-inspiring natural rock settings yourself.

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