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Suicidal Ideation

Some criticisms have been made that suicide should be regarded as a distinct psychiatric diagnosis, with its symptoms and unpinning pathological processes.

“As there is no ‘typical’ suicide victim, there are no ‘typical’ suicidal thoughts and ideations.” 

Suicidal Ideation, Bonnie Harmer

Student: “Much of what we are learning resonates with me, but a question kept popping up:

What is happening on an energetic or spiritual level when someone is dealing with suicidal ideation or thoughts? What is the soul communicating? It’s almost convincing like it’s a viable option for my soul wants to move on from this experience. “

Teacher: “I want you to understand. This is not unique, first of all. If you’re not experiencing anything in the neighborhood of needing to escape kind of feelings or needing to retire kinds of thoughts, you may not be paying attention; because those are fairly universal. Socially it is not communicated in that way. It’s communicated that they’re wrong or bad. The way to look at is this way:

The incarnations are going on a journey. And if you’re in an incarnation, it means you are not at a destination of your overall journey of your Soul. And those of us that have been placed here on planet Earth, are really looking at a half-star hotel or a one room school house. There’s a lot of unrealistic, unnatural, and unconscious activity (see five stages of Human evolution). And because the overwhelming unconsciousness and unaware nature of this planet it is depressing. Then you entertain the thought:

This doesn’t fit me.

And it is true. But it is like being an elementary school teacher. The classroom doesn’t really fit you (the teacher), it fits the students. And your place in that classroom is to uplift the students through the subject you are teaching. To uplift their Spirit. And in order to do that you must rejuvenate yourself. And so when we have (and I use the collective form of ‘we’). When we have very dark and depressing thoughts. And I am not saying they are bad. I’m saying they are not filled with vibrance and light. It is a signal that we need to rejuvenate. It is a signal that we need to resuscitate. We need to rejuvenate our inspiration (that comes from the diaphragm), we need to reconnect with our purpose (which comes from the pelvis), we need to stand on our intention (which is the left leg), we need to stand on our motivation (which is the right leg), and in that deep state, we need to be able to absorb the nutrient of that depth. And then that will resuscitate and rejuvenate and recharge all your intention, motivation, purpose, and inspiration. And in-between purpose and inspiration comes the ideas. The faint hints, the glimmers of how purpose can be fulfilled. So go deep into those moments. Don’t act out on those moments because the problem is that you have gotten a legitimate powerful life in this lifetime. You’ve already been through all of the prerequisites:

You’ve learned how to pee and poop in the proper places.

You’ve learned how to walk and talk.

You’ve learned how to feed yourself.

You’ve learned how to communicate.

You’ve learned how to spell.

You’ve learned how to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

And you’ve learned all of the basics. Now it’s your time to blossom. And that is why you want to “Continue to Continue,” so that you can maximize the acceleration in this lifetime. By maximizing the acceleration of this lifetime, you do exactly what I’m talking about: You open up to that universal consciousness which is filled with the opportunities, probabilities, and the possibilities that it will take for you to take your purpose through your ideas into your inspiration into your belief system and on into actualization and manifestation.

First, from this starting point, do not feel alone. Secondly, you’ve already been through all of the prerequisites and now you’re ready to blossom. Thirdly, you have been located on a planet that is in a very, very uneducated and unwise condition. And it feels like stranger in strange land. But that’s because you’re a Teacher. And that’s why you’re in this training. You want to find out how to maximize your potency to become the greatest teacher there is. That’s your opportunity. And then it will be you operating in the universe, with the universe doing the heavy lifting and you doing the intending and motivating. The inspiration and the belief.

Thank you so much for sharing that very important conversation with us.”

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