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“All these years, I’m living in a community

I had no idea.”

By being aware of your body, of your emotions through a practice like Kundalini Yoga, it raises your mental, physical, and conscious body. Bias and bigotry are old, old concepts and are controlled by the intellect. So that analytical brain controls so much. And if you are trying to lose weight, or delving into the reasons why you overeat, you’re probably being told about your brain. Your brain’s number one job is to keep you safe. So, a very small and primitive part of your brain controls so much of what you do. It controls so much of your choices. It’s that reticular formation. It’s that hind brain. And if you are learning about the brain, they may, you may have heard this primitive part of your brain called your lizard brain or your hind brain, something going back, or suggesting that is the old part of your brain. And it’s completely true. This part of your brain is only responsible for keeping you safe and keeping you alive. Your animal brain.

But the other parts of your brain are also there to keep you, you. So let’s discuss more about your brain.

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So the primitive part of your brain, tries to control the massive computing and sophisticated parts of your brain, that’s the gray matter, the parts of the brain that you know as your analytical brain. But there is the part of the brain that doesn’t really look like your brain that controls most of what you do. And any martial art, any practice that takes you through exercises that require some sort of attention, concentration, focus, allows that primitive brain or that reptilian brain to settle down, quiet, and allows you to access that massive computing, sophisticated brain, so, you can become aware and raise that awareness allowing you to open and become curious about how your brain works, why you react the way you do, so growth can happen.

Bringing back the four aims of life, quieting that need for survival, that fear response, whatever that reptilian brain is controlling your body to do, you can free yourself from that, by focusing on the breath, we call that pranayama, mindful breathing, focusing on the postures, exercises, the yoga sets, the Kryas.

We also bring in meditation in the form of mantra, in the form of sound, those seed sounds, those instinctual sounds and concentrating on all of those things helps you turn inward

to become more aware of your energy, those low emotions, those low energy states and the body will naturally become in balance through the body’s intelligence that is being activated every time we bring the three neurological centers of the human body in balance.

It’s that easy. It’s that quick. Once you understand the science of the human body, that three of neurological centers and stimulating those three neurological centers, you use the human body’s inherent intelligence to overcome the imbalance that causes bias.

So that’s why it is incredibly important for growth into a human being to take care of the physical body. It’s the house, it is the caretaker of your soul. So that observation of a spiritual discipline that is a powerful motivator and connector to the balance of life.

And what you do with that balance goes back to the enjoyment of the fruits of your labor.

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