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A Real Rat Foodie Fromage Facts

Remy was a generous soul, so, for the foodie travelers, he compiled a list of 10 Cheeses and Cheese Dishes to savor in the City of Light:

Once upon a time in the bustling streets of Paris, there lived a rat named Remy—no, not the one you’re thinking of. This Remy was a realist, a rodent of facts and figures, and he had a bone to pick with the world’s misconceptions about his diet..

“Cheese, cheese, cheese! That’s all they think we eat,”

Realist Remy

Remy grumbled as he scurried past a fromagerie, its windows stacked with wheels of Camembert and Brie. “If only they knew the truth!”

As he darted through the shadows, Remy couldn’t help but overhear the tourists’ chatter about the must-try cheeses of Paris. “Ah, the humans and their cheese tours,” he mused. “If only they’d diversify their palates!”

10 Cheeses and Cheese Dishes

Nevertheless, Remy was a generous soul, and he knew the allure of Parisian cheese was strong. So, for the foodie travelers, he compiled a list of 10 Cheeses and Cheese Dishes to savor in the City of Light:

  1. Fromage de Meaux – A true Brie experience, creamy and rich.
  2. Roquefort – The king of blue cheeses, bold and tangy.
  3. Chèvre – Delightfully fresh goat cheese, perfect on a baguette.
  4. Comté – Aged to perfection, with a nutty, complex flavor4.
  5. Camembert Mendiant – A unique twist with nuts and dried fruit4.
  6. Fourme d’Ambert – Stuffed with fig jam for a sweet surprise4.
  7. Raclette – Melted to gooey goodness, ideal for sharing.
  8. Coulommiers – A lesser-known cousin of Brie, just as delectable.
  9. Mont d’Or – Soft and spoonable, a winter favorite.
  10. Tartiflette – A hearty dish with Reblochon cheese, potatoes, and lardons.

“And there you have it,” Remy declared with a flourish. “A feast fit for a human, but for a rat? I’ll stick to my seeds and grains, thank you very much!”

With a wink and a twitch of his whiskers, Remy disappeared into the night, leaving behind the aroma of cheese and the echo of his laughter. “Bon appétit, mes amis!” he called out. “And remember, not all of us have a taste for fromage!”

And so, the tale of Remy the Realist Rat spread far and wide, a story to remind all that while cheese may reign supreme in the hearts of many, the truth was often stranger—and healthier—than fiction.

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