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A modern retelling of Jane Austin’s Emma | Taste Of Kauai, Hawaii

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Book Synopsis: 

“I bought this book having never read Jane Austen’s Emma, and based my decision solely on the book being about a f/f romance and a bakery, two things I love. That being said, I liked this book–I didn’t love it.” 


In If I Love You Less the Hawaiian setting and the diversity of race and sexuality make this modern re-telling of Jane Austin’s Emma an absorbing and sparkling new experience for any book reader.

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Why “If I Loved You Less?”

One word…Hawaii. I grew up on Oahu and I desperately miss the sun, waves and surfing. Audible is my favorite app to get through my ever growing to-read list and when If I Loved You Less popped up on my travel inspired reading recommendations, I quickly downloaded it. Admittedly, I read the fairly short e-book on a flight to Kerala prior to downloading the audiobook, so I am familiar with the story. My e-book is noted with the drool worthy Hawaiian foods mentioned in the book and I’m excited to share these copycat recipes.

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If I Loved You Less by Tamsin Parker, a re-telling of Jane Austin’s classic novel, Emma. 

Book Reviews 

“I’m always going to be here for queer romances, especially those featuring queer women of color. If I Loved You Less was my first time reading Tamsen Parker, also my first time reading a romance set in Hawaii. I was utterly charmed by the protagonists and the world they inhabited. It felt lived in and I was very eager to escape into the sun and surf with our heroines. I have not read Emma (by Jane Austen) and I imagine readers who’ve read it would appreciate If I Loved You Less a lot more than I did.” 
Bonnie B. 

“If I Loved You Less is a retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma. It incorporates elements related to LGBTQ romance, family, friends, matchmaking (of course), surfing, and food. Emma Woodhouse and George Knightley’s roles are filled by Theo and Kini, and all the other character roles are easy to spot thanks to Tamsen Parker’s dedication to the original. All main events and character traits are captured perfectly, and the more modern additions are tastefully done.” 

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Title: If I Loved You Less
AuthorTamsen Parker
Published by: Tamsen Parker (September 20, 2018) 
Genre: Classified as “LGBTQ Romance” on Audible books & Originals. 

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