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Amazing Street Art Collection

Interesting, creative, and most importantly unrestricted, street art continues to grow in style, size, and sheer skill. An incredibly diverse art movement was formed as an antithesis to the societal norms. The colourful and complex world of street art has now reached every corner of the globe. With no limits set for the artists, we have witnessed political statements, diverse cultures, vandalism, and more. in this urban art form.

Cultural theorists or art historians have identified street art to be more than just an artistic expression. Something that has been started with tagging or scratching names on properties has become an integral part of contemporary art. Graffiti artists have always been different from the contemporary art form due to the creative process involved. The intent to compose something that can oppose societal opinions describe street art best.

“The way I make art, the way a lot of people make art, is as an extension of language and communication, where references are incredibly important.”

Shepard Fairey

However, it became a notion of repetition over time since graffiti artists wanted to leave their symbolic expression or typography everywhere. With the innovation in digital space, these artists have to fight to show their work, but at the same time, eCommerce platforms and social networks have allowed them to show their work across the world.

An Ongoing Transformation of Street Art

With an illustrious career of 25 years, the Swedish graffiti artist André Saraiva has shared his experience of the beginning of the scene multiple times. From repetitive work spraying one mailbox after another to showing freedom and individuality in every different piece in the 1970s & 1980s, he has been a true witness to the contemporary art transformation. Apart from him, other famous names in the street art world, such as Space Invader and Shephard Fairey, also created similar art pieces in different cities around the globe to build an identity.

The transformation has mostly been influenced by the digital world since it’s easy to find mesmerizing artistic expressions everywhere now. Commercialism has helped this amazing art and the artists to take it from the streets to everyone at home. Some might argue that new street art is just about those ugly bubbly letters, but there’s a lot more you can explore if you know where to look.

What to Expect from a Street Art Collection

One can argue that the first street artists were cavemen carving shapes on the cave walls. History is visible in every shade of street art. Some did it for fun, while some did it to make political statements or to demand changes.

Here you can read a great blog on the history of street art to know more.

Every street artist around the globe is inspired by a certain culture or style, allowing this urban art to expand like never before. Sometimes there are no limits on how diverse and creative street art can be.

Mystery & Intrigue
When you see street art, there are so many questions that disturb your mind. What does it mean? Why is it here? Who made it? If you are a street art lover, you are always looking for the answers. A lot of artists have never tagged their work to keep the intrigue and mystery alive.

Art has always been about expressing. While some art forms limit your freedom, street art allows you to raise questions, protest, and do everything with as much creativity as you can. And to be this creative and free, you don’t need a mad social media fan following, thousands of admirers of your work, or anything else.

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  • I have spent some great time there, too. You post returned me to this awesome road-trip that me and my girlfriend had back in 2011. Keep up the good work John, looking forward to your new posts.

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