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Love Virtually in Munich, Germany: Travel Amazing World Cities

Book Synopsis:

“The end is as unexpected as it is inevitable. The book is translated from the German, but the whole thing is tout à fait.”

Ian S.

In Love Virtually, Leo Leike and Emmi Rothner start corresponding by accident; one slight slip in an email address, and suddenly they’re away. It’s the beginning of a modern romance: “Dear Mrs Rothner, I’m so glad you’ve written back . . . And did you really Google me? How flattering!” They start off teasing – “I like your humour,” writes Emmi, “it’s only a semitone away from chronic seriousness.” And then things start to develop. They tempt one another to guess what they look like. Writes Emmi: “It’s driving me nuts that you’re so sure you know what I look like! I think it’s downright impertinent. One more question: when you gaze at your high-res fantasy image of me, do you at least like what you see?” Replies Leo, eight minutes later, “Like, like, like. Is that really so important?” Of course, it is. Read more on The Guardian

Why “Love Virtually?”

I love to travel, so when I was studying horticulture in Germany in 2015, I took in a play inspired by the book Love Virtually performed by an amateur acting group in Munich. Having read Love Virtually on my Kindle in 2013 I was curious to see the actors’ spin on this virtual love story.

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“Oh, the places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss

Book Reviews

“The conversation between Leo and Emmi is relaxed and easy to read, even in the sometimes brief and interrupted email format – they flirt, they get angry, they tell jokes and they discuss their personal desires. Just like a true email exchange, you have to wait until after real-time events to find out what happened. You feel like you are snooping in on someone else’s private email conversation – because you are – and the experience is curiously addictive.” Hannah F.

“I found this book super frustrating. It was an easy read and a little diverting but my main criticism is of the character of Emmi. I cannot, absolutely cannot, understand why anyone would fall in love with her. She is unsympathetic, rude, difficult and that’s just for starters. I was recommended this book by someone who had heard it serialised on the radio, and I imagine that it would make far better radio than a book and maybe some brilliant actor could make Emmi sympathetic in a way I have totally missed out on in the reading. The book ends on a kind of cliff hanger and there is a sequel, but I dislike Emmi so much I won’t read it I’m afraid.” K. Wheatly

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Title: Love Virtually
Author: Daniel Glattauer
Published by: MacLehose Press (February 3, 2011)

Genre: Classified as “City Life Fiction” on Amazon Best Sellers.

Discussion: October 29th (Zoom link: See #TheAuthors on Reddit)

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